Gold in the Sky!

This first Solar Festival in North-America will be an innovative, worldwide event with a major international tourism outreach. One of several international events featured in the celebration of the 375th anniversary of the City of Montreal. FSNQ is not just a scientific or commercial event, it is also cultural, artistic and educational, destined for all science lovers and their families. We are the expression of one big idea: gold is in the sky ...


✈ Public lecture by Raphaël Domjan, June 11 at 1pm at the Eurêka! Festival

✈ Public presentation of the aircraft, June 17-18, Old Port of Montreal

✈ Flights over the Saint-Lawrence River, June 19-20, depending on weather conditions

We are indeed pleased to confirm that an event featuring the world's greatest aerospace innovation of this century will take place in Montreal. For the first time, a solar plane will fly to Canada, and Montreal will be the first city to host SolarStratos in its attempt to conquer space. In June of 2017, eco-adventurer and pilot Raphael Domjan of Mission Solar Stratos will attempt to leave the Earth's atmosphere and approach the stratosphere above the province of Quebec with his solar-powered aircraft, a world first in the history of aeronautics and space exploration. Rendez-vous in the Old Port of Montreal where Raphael Domjan's solar aircraft, SolarStratos, will be displayed for the general public.

Solar Exhibition at the Old Port of Montreal

June 15-18, 10am-7pm

It it's about the sun, you'll find it at this great festival: dance, songs, building, history, techno products, lectures, films, sculptures, literature, etc. People of all ages and all walks of life are warmly invited to visit and discover activities, and participate in various fascinating workshops in the Old Port of Montreal. The Northern Solar Festival also include an innovation & solar energy competition open to young people, "My Solar Project for Quebec".

An international context

This festival is directly associated with the celebration of the 375th anniversary of Montreal, the Metropolis World Congress, and the general assembly of the Association internationale des maires francophones. The event will be a paramount showcase for Québec and will bring Montréal at the forefront of international aeronautics, sustainable development and solar energy technology.

If you have any questions concerning the organization of the festival, or if you wish to become an exhibitor, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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Join us for the highlights of the FSNQ!

Eurêka! Festival

The Eureka Festival! Is a great celebration of science that invites visitors to meet actors from all fields of science. The eco-explorer and founder of SolarStratos, Raphaël Domjan, will hold an inspiring conference.

SolarStratos Airplane

SolarStratos is the flagship event of the Nordic Solar Festival. Visit of the aircraft at Mirabel airport, Guinness record of the first freefall from a solar plane and low altitude flight over Montreal!

Solar Exhibition

The exhibition will be an opportunity for the visitors to meet several actors of solar energy and renewable energies. Rendez-vous with Inventors, merchants and scientists for surprising conferences and demonstrations.